Many people in distribution marketing find that even though they have a great line of products, they aren’t making as many sales as they’d like. To help eliminate that problem, we’ve put together a list of seven tips to help increase your sales.

Set Realistic Goals

There’s no denying that people who make plans and set goals often make big improvements. However, many people make common mistakes in goal setting and find that they just aren’t getting anywhere. To avoid this, make sure that your goals—especially your sales goals—are challenging but still obtainable.

Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to increase your customer base is to ask your existing customers for referrals. Obvious enough, right? But according to The Distribution Board, many people in distribution sales rarely do this.

In most cases distributors are either uncomfortable asking for referrals or they don’t think their customers know anyone else who will use the products. This idea is far from accurate. In most cases, customers have many friends and family members who would enjoy your products and wouldn’t mind a recommendation at all.

Prioritize Leads

It’s not uncommon to find multiple new leads every day, but it can be difficult to know which ones require immediate attention and which can wait until later. Information from Gleanster Research shows that about 25 percent of leads are immediate sales opportunities. To identify these leads, use marketing automation software to pre-qualify each one and assign a score or priority.



Contact Prospects Often

Many distributors believe that the more people they reach out to, the more sales they will get. Actually it’s better to spend more time contacting current prospects. They have already shown an interest in the company or products and are more likely to place an order. Remember that when it comes to distribution marketing, depth is typically better than breadth.


Upselling is an effective way to increase sales dramatically. If a customer buys from you, it’s likely they are in the mood to buy more. Offer an additional product that complements their purchase. When possible, offer a second product with a small discount. Everybody loves a good bargain.

Use Content Marketing

A few years ago products were sold using paper ads, banner ads, cold calls, and many other methods. With the rise of the Internet today, many people ignore online marketing methods like blogs, social media, interesting articles, or online ads. Instead of pushing your product on many people who might not be interested, content marketing allows prospective customers to find you. This type of marketing also has higher conversion rates, lower costs, and increased customer satisfaction. What have you got to lose?

Answer the Why Questions

Why should somebody buy your product? Why is your product better than the rest? Although a prospect may never ask you these questions directly, most likely customers are thinking about them. Stay one step ahead and answer the tough questions up front.

Keep in mind that using these tips to increase your distribution sales takes time. You may already be using some of them, but if you aren’t getting the sales you want, take some time to explore your options. Find out where you can make some meaningful and effective changes, and the results will follow!


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