Dry air, long, hot showers, medical conditions, soaps and harsh lotions are just a few of the things that can dry out your skin. If not taken care of, dry skin can eventually lead to things like irritation, redness and even bleeding. Neglect your dry skin for long enough and you could end up with more serious problems.

It’s important to find simple ways to keep your skin moisturized.  Luckily, there are many ways to keep your skin soft and healthy.


Those long, hot showers can be something to look forward to at the end of the day, but anything longer than 10 minutes can strip the moisture out of your skin, making it itchy once it dries. The best thing to do is to keep your showers between five to ten minutes while using lukewarm water.

While showering, try to avoid the use of typical bar soaps. Instead, try soaps that have moisturizing elements such as shea butter, olive oil, or even oatmeal. Brands like Dove or Cetaphil don’t contain ingredients that strip away your skin’s natural oils. These products can be a great addition to your showering routine. After showering, it is advised that you put on skin cream while your skin is still damp to ensure that you lock in moisture.


The general rule for skin lotions is the thicker and greasier it is, the more effective it will be towards dry skin. There are options like petroleum jelly, creams, or mineral oils that focus on the top layer of the skin to seal in nutrients. These contain no water which is more effective for dry skin, although creams and lotions with water are more cosmetically favorable.

Sunscreen is essential when it comes to avoiding parched skin, since dry heat from sunlight can deprive your skin of moisture.

The most effective moisturizers have ingredients like humectants, which include glycerin, propylene glycol, and hyaluronic acid. If you feel that your moisturizer feels too heavy and makes your skin feel oily, you may be doing more harm than good and should consider trying a lightweight cream instead.





Drinking plenty of water is important to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Because your body is made up of 75% water, it depends on hydration to flush out toxins, keep normal body temperature, digest food, maintain organ functionality, and move important nutrients through your bloodstream.


Humidifiers, especially in the winter, can be a helpful tool since they keep the air around you humid enough for your skin to stay hydrated.

Don’t Scratch

With dry skin, it’s best not to scratch. Scratching can damage the surface of the skin and can lead to skin conditions. Fabric softeners, wearing wool or other itchy fabrics, scrubbing brushes and sponges, and perfumed or alcohol based soaps can all lead to dry skin and cause you to scratch more.

Find Skin Care Products that Work for You

Still searching for the perfect skin care regimen? One simple solution that helps to relieve dry and itchy skin is LifeVantage’s TrueScience, an effective skin care system that uses ingredients designed to make your skin look ageless.

Based on research about what makes the skin age over time, TrueScience includes various products that work to protect the skin from both the inside out and the outside in. The skin care system includes a gentle facial cleanser, a perfecting lotion, an eye corrector serum, and an anti-aging cream.

Be sure to follow these simple tips to keep your skin looking young and healthy!


Are you ready to take action?

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