The world’s most successful people weren’t born that way. In fact, success may very well come from just cultivating good habits. Here are twelve solid daily habits to get you started on the way to true success.

1. Read. A lot.

Warren Buffett attributes his success to accumulating knowledge in the same way he accumulates books. There’s no way to fail if you continue to learn.

2. Wander

Walking—particularly aimless wandering—has been a form of moving meditation for some of the greatest thinkers in history, from Aristotle to Dickens. Get moving and you’ll find the endorphins help expand your mind.

3. Disconnect

It’s difficult to be successful and distracted. Warren Buffett, for instance, has no cell phone and no computer. Most of us need our phones, but we don’t need them to the extent we’re attached to them. Give yourself extra mental room by disconnecting whenever you can.

4. Sleep

Sleep less, do more. Margaret Thatcher was famous for only sleeping four hours a night. Don’t do that unless you want to increase your risk of health problems, but do keep to a strict schedule if you want to maximize your time.

5. Make time for your family

Success means nothing if you lose your family in the process. The most successful people make their families a priority. Cary Grant famously put his career on hold to care for his daughter and Adele put her family before her singing career. Making time every day to care for your family will keep everything in perspective.

6. Stick to a schedule

The most famous people in history have had fairly regular schedules. From copious amounts of coffee to regular naps (Winston Churchill was notorious for those), schedules contribute to discipline and productivity. A schedule can help you gain control over your life.

7. Make daily goals

Benjamin Franklin set a goal for himself at the beginning of every day. Giving yourself something to strive for daily gives your work purpose and motivates you to accomplish increasingly more spectacular goals.

8. Stay active

Wandering is a fantastic way to get more creative, but setting aside part of your day for sports or working out also does wonders. Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Disney’s Bob Iger both work out daily to clear their minds and keep their bodies healthy.

9. Meditate

Oprah Winfrey takes time out of her day (normally 20 minutes) to simply be. Meditation or sitting still allows the mind to refocus and forces you to be present in the moment, which alleviates anxiety. Meditation is a powerful tool that can aid in your success.

10. Keep working

Jay Z doesn’t stop working towards his goals just because it’s Saturday. Yes, it’s important to relax and play, but don’t release your dreams two days a week. It’s important to keep momentum going—stop moving forward and you’ll never become a success.

11. Eat  well

Barack Obama’s favorite snacks are apples and trail mix, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any Silicon Valley CEOs who don’t commit to eating healthily on a daily basis. Give your body the fuel it needs to be a success or you may find yourself stalling out on the road to excellence.

12. Be grateful

Mark Zuckerberg believes in keeping perspective and showing gratitude. Appreciating the blessings in your life is a daily habit that will instantly improve your mood and keep you humble. Send thank you notes and tell people you see and appreciate what they do.

Becoming a successful person is a matter of daily action. Keep up the momentum and incorporate the above twelve habits to ensure you’re on the right path for greatness.


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